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An Icontest for Anime and Manga Bishounen

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Mission Statement:

This community is here to service a need for icontest's dedicated to the sexy male bishounen of anime and manga. All bishounen are welcome here. We only ask that you fallow the community rules listed below, as well as any other rules listed by each individual maintainer for each individual icontest.

How this works for the mods:

Each maintainer has taken the time to contact the community mod, and ask permission to maintain an icontest dedicated to their own bishounen. The maintainers of this community are solely responsible for the maintenance and content of their personal bishounen. All posts will be tagged by the community mod or the maintainers. All people are welcome to come and participate from week to week, or as often as a maintainer choses to hold a contest for their bishounen. Each mod is responsible for the finding of materials such as pictures, lyrics ect*, and banner makers for thier bishounen icontest winners. In the event of a bishounen icontest becoming forgotten or unused for longer then a month, it will be discontinued and posting priviliges for that bishounen will go back up for auction. Unless previouse arrangements have been made with the community mod.

Current Contests:

Son Goku"Saiyuki"anguisel
Hikaru Hitachiin  "Ouran High School Host Club"eerie_feelings
Kaoru Hitachiin"Ouran High School Host Club"eerie_feelings
Tamaki Suoh"Ouran High School Host Club"eerie_feelings
Kenshin Himura"Ruroni Kenshin"_madam_mina_
Havoc"Full Metal Alchemist"raychcons
Roy"Full Metal Alchemist"raychcons
Larva"Vampire Princess Miyu"royalbk
Leon"Kaleido Star"royalbk

How this works for the participants:

Participants are encouraged to read both the community rules and the rules laid out by the bishounen maintainer for the icontest that the participant is taking part in. Any punishments for the rules being broken within a bishounen contest, are up to the maintainers of the bishounen icontest to decide. Any participants found breaking the community rules will be dealt with by the mod of the time.

General Community Rules

Rule 1:DO NOT post anything larger then 300x300px. If your content is larger then 300x300pixels then please post it in an lj_cut.

Rule 2: You can have any content you like posted as long as at least one of your images is anime or manga related.

Rule 3:Do to the fact that children might view your posts please do not display anythig over pg-13.

Rule 4:As far as language is concerned, I dont care just as long as you dont verbally attack anyone.

Rule 5:All fonts must not be larger then html size (h3), if you wish to make a post with a font size larger then html size (h3) then please place it under a lj cut.

Rule 6: If you have any more specific rules for users of live journal using any of your images please clearly state those rules in your posts(No hotlinking, giving credit, ect*)

Rule 7:The advertisement of non affiliated communitys is not allowed, unauthorised advertisement will result in the post being deleted. If you would like to become affiliated with this community please send the request as a message to fangirl_friend2's personal journal.

Rule 8:Users making fake cuts to posts outside of the community, are still exspected to fallow the rules. If rules are broken, post will be deleted.

General Icon Submission Rules

01. You must be a member to participate.
02. We rather you not to avoid drama, but if you must use fanart/doujinshi, please include/comment the name of the artist and the link to the fanart or site of where you got it from. Credential purposes.
03. Icons must meet LJ standards. (100x100max, 40kbmax, .jpeg, .png, .gif) and must be submitted using a linkable hosting. Photobucket, TinyPic, Imageshack etc... LJ Scrapbook or similar is not an acceptable hosting.
04. Icons must be made fresh for the each theme/challenge.
05. You may submit up to 3 icons, within one bishounen icontest. participating in, multiple bishounen icontest is allowed and infact encouraged.
06. Do not advertise/display your icon anywhere until the results are posted. It must remain anonymous until it's over.
07. Do not submit someone else's icon and claim it as your own.
08. When voting, do not vote for your own icon.



If you would like to become an affiliate please comment Here

Special thanks are in order to, appleleaf for providing the coding that is used to make the community look so wonderful. And an even BIGGER thanks to raychcons, for making the layout work and for making our community banner. :D